First Kiss Friday – The Trouble With Dying by Maggie Le Page

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Maggie Le Page, author of contemporary romance The Trouble With Dying.  Welcome Maggie!  Here’s the first kiss between Nate Sutherland and Faith Carson.   The setup: Faith is stuck outside her body, her memories wiped, desperate to find a way back in so she can wake up from her coma and […]

Find of the week! 99 Cents! Medieval Romance

The find of the week – Of Love and Vengeance by Louise Lyndon Only 99 cents!

Inspirational Quote Monday! #11 of 2015

99 cents by Best Selling author!

Tanya Anne Crosby has a treat for you!  Only 99 cents.  Don’t miss this medieval romance. Once Upon a Kiss by Tanya Anne Crosby  

Inspirational Quote Monday! #10 of 2015

First Kiss Friday – The Long Road to You by Jane Leopold Quinn

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Jane Leopold Quinn, author of western romance The Long Road to You.  Welcome Jane!  Here’s the first kiss between Nick Gabriel and Margee McPherson. Jake and Nick are The Brothers Agee. Jake’s story came first in Jake and Ivy. Ivy, the properly brought up and schooled American girl fell in love with […]

Bestseller! Only 99 cents!

Magnificent Medieval Romance! Best selling boxed set from Best selling authors, Laurel O’Donnell, Catherine Kean, Anna Markland and Kathryn Le Veque! 99 cents!  Get it while you can! Amazon Kobo Ibooks Barnes and Noble

Inspirational Quote Monday! #9 of 2015

First Kiss Friday – License to Nerd by Chris Redding

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Chris Redding, author of contemporary novel License to Nerd.  Welcome Chris!  Here’s the first kiss between Madison West and Peter Quincy. “We lose him?” “Most likely. Let’s get back to hotel.” When they returned to the hotel, Q booted up his laptop. “What are you doing?” “Getting us a flight to […]

Great Deal! Only 99 cents!

A great writer, a great deal.  What more can be said? The Rover Betrayed by Anna Markland