A Knight of Honor

Romance Novel Cover for Medieval Romance A Knight of Honor

Taylor Sullivan is a raven-haired hellion fleeing the tragic flames that destroyed her family.  She arms herself with a quick sword and a sharp tongue, hiring herself out as a mercenary, willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Slane Donovan is a knight of honor, sworn to uphold his oath and his word. He seeks the woman who wears the Sullivan ring, determined to bring her back to Castle Donovan to fulfill a promise made to his brother.

When he finds the fierce young beauty, her sensual innocence enflames his heart, threatening to destroy the very essence of who he is and the vows he has sworn to uphold.

But there are others who seek the Sullivan woman as well, men who pose a far greater threat.  Slane must protect his fiery mercenary companion from attacks, but can he protect himself from her undeniable charms?

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