Lost Souls: Altercation – Episode 4

Lost Souls: Altercation - Episode 4 by Laurel O'DonnellLOST SOULS


 Episode 4


“Altercation” is the fourth episode in the exciting urban fantasy series: Lost Souls. Only $.99 cents!

Sam and Christian have mysteriously disappeared. An unlikely group of allies is formed as Damien, Ben and Eugene search for their missing friends. With the calming presence of Sam gone from his life, the urge to make the Jump into a human grows dangerously strong inside of Damien. To add to their anguish, a powerful new menace threatens the destruction of both Souls and humans alike.

Can they find Sam in time to stop Damien from making the Jump? Can they stop this new foe from gaining strength and building a deadly following?

Read Lost Souls – Altercation to find out!


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Excerpt from Lost Souls – Altercation – Episode 4

Damien fazed to Lucas’s apartment.

Lucas lounged on the couch, watching the small television.  He leapt from the couch when Damien appeared.

Damien slammed into him, grabbing his shirt, shoving him back against the wall.  His anger burned through his veins.  This bastard had betrayed Sam.  “You son of a bitch,” he growled.

“Damien!” Ben hollered, materializing just behind Damien.

“You set them up.  You told Daniel where they’d be.  When they’d be there.”

Lucas grimaced, trying to wrestle himself free.

Damien shoved Lucas back against the wall again.

“He’s our friend!” Ben shouted.  “Lucas wouldn’t have done that!”

Damien didn’t take his gaze from Lucas’s face.  His fingers curled in Lucas’s shirt.  “Oh yes he would,” he snarled through clenched teeth.  “Daniel knew you were friends with Lucas.  You don’t think that one threat to his human and Lucas would give Daniel whatever he wanted?  Even his friends?”

Ben was silent.  He looked at Lucas.

“Tell him,” Damien commanded.

Lucas ripped himself away from Damien.  He straightened his shirt with a savage tug as a last act of defiance.  “Yes!  Okay?  Yes.  Daniel came here long before you did.”

Ben’s disbelieving gaze turned to condemnation.

Lucas ran his hand through his shaggy hair.  “He said you had gone rogue.  He said the three of you needed to be… tamed or something.”  Lucas’s chin dropped to his chest.  “I didn’t want to do it, Ben.  We’ve been friends for a long time.  I told him no.  But he…said he remembered Esme.  He said he knew about the box and the special connection we had.  He said he would like to have his men take a look at her and figure out why she was so special.”  Lucas shook his head.  “I couldn’t allow that.”

“So he set you up,” Damien spat through clenched teeth.

“I had no choice!”

“You always have choices.”

“Daniel wanted to know where you would be.  When you would be there.”

“What about Sam?” Ben asked quietly.

Lucas shook his head.  “I’m sorry, Ben.”

Damien punched him in the face, hard, sending Lucas to the floor.  Rage flared inside him, pulsing through his entire body.  He pulled him up by his shirt to deliver another blow to his face.  Lucas staggered back.

Ben pulled Damien back, restraining him with his body, and then turned to face Lucas.  “What happened?  Where is Sam?”

Lucas rubbed his jaw.  “She was in the theater with Christian when Daniel and about twenty Souls showed up.”  He shook his head.  “I left.  I couldn’t watch.  I didn’t want –”

Damien shoved Ben aside and went after Lucas again, smashing a fist to his jaw.  Then he fazed and caught Lucas as he fell and punched him in the stomach.  He hit him again and again, the fury tidal-waving over him.  He was drowning in scalding rage.

Lucas sagged against the wall.

Damien let out a savage growl and shoved his fist into him.  Lucas’s energy raced up his arm, filling his body with a charged electrical current.  Lately, Sam had been his anchor to this world.  She had kept him grounded.  He could have made the Jump numerous times, but the thought of leaving her, of not having her close, always made him stop.  Now… now she was gone.  She was not here.  He couldn’t feel her.


Ben’s voice came as if from a great distance away.  He turned to him.

“Stop!  You’ll kill him!”

Damien looked down at Lucas.  He was fading.  Yes.  That’s exactly the punishment he deserved for hurting Sam.  For betraying her.

Ben shoved Damien with all his might.

Damien stumbled back a couple of steps, the force of Ben’s push enough to knock his fist from Lucas.  Damien moved forward, intent on draining Lucas completely.

Ben shook his head, stepping in front of him, holding his hands up.  “I won’t let you do it.”

Damien stood for a long moment; the snapping and popping of blue electricity rippled around his body.  He wanted to finish Lucas.  He wanted to kill him.  It was what he deserved.  But even that wouldn’t be enough to calm the storm raging inside him.  And they might need him.  Damien clenched his teeth and backed up a step, shaking with fury.

Ben lowered his hands.  He turned to Lucas who lay exhausted on the floor.  “If I were you, I’d take Esme and disappear.”

Lucas sat up.  “You go near her…”

“It’s not us you have to worry about.  It’s Daniel.  He’ll know you helped us.  He’ll know you told us.  I’m not doing this for you.  We’re done.  But Esme doesn’t deserve what Daniel will do to her.”  Ben turned away.

“Ben,” Lucas called.

Ben hesitated, but didn’t turn to him.

“I’m sorry.”

Ben nodded.  “Me too.”

Damien moved over to Lucas and squatted beside him.

Lucas backed to the wall.

“It’s lucky for you that I’m not done here,” Damien snarled.  “Lucky for you that I don’t want to make the Jump right now.  But when I do, when it’s time, there will be nowhere you can hide that I won’t find you.  And Esme is now top on my list.”


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