Beloved in His Eyes – Book 3 of Angel’s Assassin

Beloved in His Eyes

Beloved in His Eyes by Laurel O’Donnell


Having grown up as a slave, Gawyn is finally free to live the life he wants. As captain of the guard, he serves his brother, Lord Damien, faithfully and loyally. There is nothing he would not do for him or for the city of Acquitaine. When Damien becomes suspicious of a farm girl, he sends Gawyn to discover what she knows about their past, a past that must remain secret.

Justina Auber is a farm girl, raised by a father who was killed by an assassin. She never expects to come face to face with her father’s killer. Now, she must protect her younger brother from the very man who took her father from her.

When Gawyn meets Justina, he is instantly attracted to her wit and beauty. As he attempts to find out what she knows about his family’s dark past, he finds himself falling for her. Will his loyalty to his brother demand Justina’s death or will Gawyn betray his brother to save the woman he is falling in love with?




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Reviews for Beloved in His Eyes –

5 StarsI really enjoyed this book



5 StarsA Wonderful Story!!

“Laurel O’Donnell does an amazing job of weaving a story to hold you attention and your breath at times until the last page. This is the tale of Gawyn, brother of Damien from the Angel’s Assassin. I was so glad to read his story because I knew that it would be intriguing.

Another story of dark and light and good and evil that will hold you riveted to the pages. But rest assured, your heart smile at the end. Do not miss this series and although this can be read alone, I encourage you to read the first two books. You will be glad you did! Cannot wait to read more from this author!!”

-Lori Dykes



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