Lost Souls: Deception – Episode 3

Lost Souls Deception by Laurel O'Donnell



 Episode 3


“Deception” is the third episode in the exciting urban fantasy series: Lost Souls. Only $.99 cents!

Sam, Ben and Christian continue to battle the dark forces of the Changed, the inhuman monsters who feed on the energy of their Lost Soul brethren.  After receiving surprising news about the whereabouts of Sam and Ben’s sister Cora, they arrive at a friend’s to investigate.  As their search deepens, Ben becomes consumed with trying to save Cora, taking a very dangerous path that puts himself and everyone around him in jeopardy.  Treachery and deception threaten their group as they discover nothing is as it seems…




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Excerpt from Lost Souls – Deception – Episode 3

“You look like Hell.”

Ben stood, and spun.  Damien lounged against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, his dark hair falling to his shoulders and hanging over his face.  Ben bent his knees, ready to attack.

Damien chuckled.  “You’re in no shape to be threatening me.”

Ben knew he was right.  Just the little movement of getting off the couch sent his head aching.  But he wasn’t going to tell a Changed that.  “What do you want?”

Damien moved away from the wall and took a step toward Ben.

Ben backed up.  If he attacked him, Ben would not be able to fend him off.

“Don’t be fooled by her.  All Changed are evil.”

“Then why should I trust what you say?” Ben growled.

Damien grinned.  His black eyes shimmered.  “You shouldn’t.  But I think Sam would tell you the same thing.”

“Don’t,” Ben snarled.  “Don’t tell me what my sister would say.”

“You mean my wife?”

“Not anymore.”

Damien straightened, his hands dropping to his sides.  His jaw clenched and his black eyes narrowed.  “I’m not here to talk about Sam.  I’m here to warn you.  Stay away from Cora.  She is not what she seems.”

“And you are?  You’re exactly the same as Cora.”

“Who better to know her so well?”  Damien walked past Ben to the kitchen.  He touched the iron skillet on the counter.

“Cora’s not like you,” Ben argued.  She couldn’t be.  He wouldn’t let her be.

Damien looked at Ben.  “You can’t save her.”

Ben pulled out his dagger and lunged at Damien.  He landed hard on the floor.  But it wasn’t his inability to grab Damien that surprised him; it was the speed at which Damien moved.  One moment, Damien had been before him, the next he was across the room near the window.  Damien hadn’t fazed.  It had been too fast to be fazing.

Damien smiled.  “Any more than you can beat me.”

Ben scowled.  The attempt to strike at Damien had taken a lot out of him.  He turned over to a sitting position.

Damien moved again.  In one second, he stood before the window, in the next he was before Ben, leaning close.  “Use what little brains you have.  Stop playing games with Cora.”


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