Midnight Shadow – A Medieval Romance Novel by Laurel O’Donnell

Midnight Shadow by Laurel O'Donnell “Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I have ready every book Ms. O’Donnell has written. Once again, she has not disappointed me.”
– Amazon Review 

Raised on the adventurous stories of the Midnight Shadow, Lady Bria Delaney longs to wield a sword and fight against tyranny.  When the unjust rules of a neighboring lord terrorize her friends, she dons the mask and cloak of her childhood hero to right the wrongs and save them from oppression.  After encountering Lord Knowles, she is stunned to find her fierce attraction to the very enemy she has secretly promised to destroy.

Accustomed to victory at tournament, Terran Knowles lives a life of luxury and ease.  When he returns home and finds his coin has dwindled, he must turn to an old betrothal and its dowry to keep his coffers full.  Adding to his financial woes, a thief known as the Midnight Shadow strikes his land at night, stealing his coin.  His intended betrothed is a headstrong, beautiful woman who immediately intrigues him.  Torn between the woman he longs to trust and the outlaw he has vowed to hang, Terran vows to find the truth.

Will the Midnight Shadow triumph over oppression?  Can the heat of passion overcome the chill of suspicion?  Will a legendary hero find love in the arms of her hated enemy?

Midnight Shadow is a medieval romance adventure filled with excitement and intrigue, secret identities and dangerous enemies, suspense and action, and an undeniable passion that rises above all fears.

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Reviews for Midnight Shadow

“Part-highwayman, part-adventure romance, this entertaining novel is sure to please both medieval romance readers and anyone seeking a light, captivating adventure. Laurel ODonnell captures the essence of the period as well as the excitement and sheer romance of the Middle Ages.”
– RT Book Reviews

“There’s nothing like a wonderfully written romance that includes everything from excitement and intrigue to despair and triumph. Such a novel discourages readers from putting the book down, lest we miss new adventures waiting around the next corner. Laurel O’Donnell has managed to do just that and so much more in the Midnight Shadow.”
– The Romance Reader

“Medieval romance fans will fall in love with this lively battle of wills story.  Laurel O’Donnell has crafted a wondrous and captivating story.”
– Romantic Times

“A unique blending of medieval romance and action adventure set this story apart.”
– The Grove

“A book you will not be able to put down once you get started… One of the best novels I have read in a long time.”
– Writer’s Club Romance Group

Amazon reviews
“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I have ready every book Ms. O’Donnell has written. Once again, she has not disappointed me.”

“A definite keeper! This is a great book! Bria, the heroine, is a fiesty, brave, courageous woman who becomes her childhood hero. Terran is a powerful, handsome hero who won my heart! I couldn’t put this book down. I can’t believe how much this book was filled with excitement and romance! I just loved it…”

“A lovely romance that had everything a book of this genre needs: an unusual heroine, a dark hero and an obnoxious villain. An interesting plot with a lot of atmosphere and some interesting twists and turns.”

“I enjoyed reading this novel very much. It was a wonderful story and very easy to follow and look forward to reading more stories by this author.”

Barnes and Noble reviews
“This book was so filled with action and romance and tension that I could not put it down. Bria was wonderful as a tormented heroine who is pushed into becoming her childhood hero. And I simply fell in love with Terran, the hero. Oh, this book was wonderful!”

“Highly recommend. Loved this book! Had all of my emotions in play. Didn’t want it to end.”

“If you like action-packed romances that grab you on the first page and won’t let go, Midnight Shadow is the book for you. Bria Delaney is the most likable heroine I’ve seen in a long time. Terran Knowles is tortured and passionate, a hero in every sense of the word. This story rolicks along merrily to a white-knuckled conclusion. Great summer reading!”


Only $3.99 – Midnight Shadow Purchase Links:

Midnight Shadow for the Kindle - A Medieval Romance Novel


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