The Lady and the Falconer Excerpt

The Lady and the Falconer by Laurel O'Donnell

The soft glow of the flames caressed her skin.  She was achingly beautiful.  Any man in his right mind would fall hopelessly in love with her.

Any man except him.

He seized her arm and pulled her close so she could hear his words distinctly.  “I don’t want you,” he snarled, his anger directed more at himself than at her.  “The only thing that’s important is I regain control of Castle Fulton.”

“I know,” she replied weakly.

Her soft voice drove him wild with want.  Her large green eyes made him desperate to cast aside every vow he had ever made to himself and to his family and love her.

He gritted his teeth.  What was she doing to his mind, to his reasoning?  He had to keep a clear head.  He had to keep focused on what was important.  Instead, all he could see, all he could think about, was Solace.  With an anguished growl, he pulled her to him, assaulting her lips with an onslaught of kisses.  He reached around behind her, coming up from the rear like a vanquishing army, trapping her tightly against his body.  Like an expert in war, he attacked her senses, leaving her powerless against his victory.

When his kisses traveled to her neck, she rallied her final defenses.  “I thought you didn’t want me.”

Her soft-spoken reminder branded him a lying fool.  He pulled back sharply to stare into her eyes.  “The treasure between your thighs is enough to bring the strongest man to his knees.”

A broken sob tore loose from her throat.  “But what of you?”

“Is that what you want?” he demanded.  “To bring me to my knees?”

“No,” she whispered.  “To bring you to my side, as my ally.  I need your help.  You know the castle.  You know the secret passages.”

Her green gems shone at him, pleading in their innocence, dark in their want.  He could see her desire in them.  He knew he would give her the world, the heavens, the stars.  But he could not give her his allegiance.  The only allegiance he had was to his family.  His dead family.  But they were gone and she was so very alive.  With a groan of despair and indecision, he pushed away from her.

“Don’t fight me, Logan,” Solace insisted.  “I’m not your enemy.”


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