Champion of the Heart Excerpt

Champion of the Heart by Laurel O'Donnell“I told you before you could not escape,” he whispered hotly.

He held her firmly against the wall, his body pressed against hers.

Jordan knew he spoke the truth, but not the truth as he believed it.  It was the truth as she knew it.  How could she escape from Fox?  And how could her children ever depend on her again if she couldn’t fight to get to them?  She couldn’t hold even a trembling dagger to Fox.  Uselessness, frustration, and helplessness all welled up inside her, spinning and churning until Jordan couldn’t keep her feelings inside.  Warm tears slipped from her eyes and dripped onto her cheeks, and her body trembled with a sob.

Fox placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face to his, studying it for an eternal moment in which Jordan fought hard to bury her feelings.  She lifted her chin slightly, waiting for his scorn, waiting for his berating words.

But when the silence stretched on, she lifted her gaze to his.  She was unprepared for the tenderness she saw in those blue depths.  He lifted a finger to trace the path of one of her tears.  Then he pulled his hand away from her, slowly rubbing the tear in his fingers, staring at the glistening drop for a moment.

His blue eyes seemed confused, and a slight scowl marred his brow as he continued to inspect the tear on his fingertip.  Then he looked at her again and his gaze swept every inch of her face.  A warmth spread throughout her body that suddenly brought her senses to life, sharpening them.  The muscles in his strong chest pressed against her breasts.  The power in his thighs crushed against her.  And something dangerous stirred inside her; something powerful threatened to engulf her.

Her vision dropped to his lips, lips that were so sensual, so entrancing.  Lips that were slowly moving closer and closer.

Jordan didn’t fight him; she wanted to feel his kiss.  She wanted the intoxicating feeling rushing through her body to grow.  His kiss would only make the dangerously delicious sensation run wild inside of her.

And then his lips closed over hers, a startlingly gentle caress, a warm, wet brush of his lips.  But with that simple touch, exhilaration filled Jordan’s body.  It was unlike anything she had ever felt, tender and warm, but filled with a fiery spice all the same.

Then his tongue touched her lips, gently sliding along the length of her mouth, caressing, coaxing.  She felt a jolt igniting its way through her entire body from the tips of her hair to the edges of her toes.  She gasped against his lips and he dropped his hands to the small of her back, pulling her closer to him as he delved into the recesses of her mouth.

Jordan felt herself being swept away by the emotions raging through her.  Her world was spinning on its axis, and she had to cling to Fox as if he were the only thing keeping her from falling.  But the tighter she clung, the greater the waters seemed to swirl about her.

“I won’t let you go, Jordan,” he whispered against her lips.  “Not this time.”


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