A Knight’s Protection – A Medieval Romance Novella

A Knight's Protection by Laurel O'Donnell

A Knight’s Protection by Laurel O’Donnell

This story is a novella.

A fabulous treasure. A kind healer. A troubled lord. Together, can they prevent the Templar treasure from falling into the wrong hands?

A healer and outcast, Lia discovers a dying Templar knight who entrusts her with an important treasure and elicits her promise to protect it.

Kade de Claremont returns home upon news of his mother’s death only to find his father is searching for a mythical treasure.

Lia and Kade must join together to keep the treasure from his father, but secrets and trust come between them to sabotage their growing attraction.



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Reviews for A Knight’s Protection –

5 Stars

A Treasure to Protect

“A Templar knight entrusts her with a piece of parchment before he dies. If she is found with it, she is likely to die. An evil man is seeking a treasure, and he will do anything to find it. After finding out that his mother died at the hands of his father, Kade returns to find chaos. His father is hunting the Templar knight and anyone who was in contact with him. Lia is in the path of destruction. Kade vows to protect her, but something shatters his trust and puts them all in peril. This is an enjoyable short read. If you are looking for a short Medieval romance, you just might like this book.”


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