My Best Friend

CharmingI want to introduce you to my best friend.  He is my inspiration, my writing companion and my stress reliever.  We have a connection.  His name is Charming.  And yes, that would be after Prince Charming from Cinderella.  Who knew how well the name would fit him when I named him when he was a kitten.

As my children are fond of reminding me, I almost didn’t get him.  We had gone to the shelter to get his sister and another cat because up until that point, I always had girl cats.  I had heard that they were more affectionate.  How wrong I was!  As luck would have it, the other kitten was not there.  But Charming, who wasn’t named Charming yet, was.  My children begged me to get him.  I had my misgivings, after all I never had a male cat before.  

But that little guy changed my mind!  He grew into his name.  And even when he is mischievous, which is often, I can’t stay mad at him because he is…well, Charming.  He has that regal air about him that commands subordination.  Or at least food and to open the backdoor so he can smell the outside world.  Or just to love him.  He is an indoor cat and likes it that way.  There is plenty around the house to entertain him.  He is spoiled beyond measure, as is fitting for a Prince.  He has cat trees and toys and rolled up pieces of paper that he bats around.  

But when I write, we have a routine.  As soon as I sit at the computer, he meows this little squeak and I jump out of my chair and say, “What’s wrong, Charming?”  He comes running and I pet him after he stretches.  Then, I turn on the faucet in the tub and he gets a drink.  When he is done, he comes into the room and cleans himself as I shut it off.  Then I lay out a blanket for him, not any blanket, mind you.  It’s the warm fluffy comfy Disney blanket.  He lays down on the blanket next to me as I write.  He’s here now, purring as I pet him.  

My buddy.  My companion.  My Charming.

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