First Kiss Friday – A Knight of Honor


Romance novel book cover for A Knight of HonorHere’s the first kiss between Slane and Taylor from my medieval romance novel, A Knight of Honor.

“Stand here,” Taylor instructed, pulling him in front of her like a shield.

At least that would protect her, Slane thought.

But suddenly, she threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Slane would have tumbled backward, had he not braced himself by splaying his hands on the sides of the doorway. He opened his mouth to reprimand her, but she quickly pressed her lips and her body against his.

Stunned into immobility, Slane gaped as she slid her lips across his, pressed her tiny body to his quickly hardening one. He jerked and tried to pull away, but her embrace held him tightly to her chest.

Slane managed to slide his lips off of hers and exclaim, “What in God’s blood are you doing, woman? Have you lost your senses?”

“Unless you want to lose more than your senses, you’ll return my affection and make it good,” she warned in a whisper, nibbling his ear.

Jolts of pleasure shot through Slane’s body. His mind told him to resist her, but his body was already succumbing to her seduction. Then his quickly fogging mind focused enough to realize what she was doing. A desperate disguise: a harlot and her customer.

She slid her mouth across his jaw and pressed her lips against his again, running her hands through his hair, clinging to him as if his lips were the only thing that could save her. Slane wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, wanting to reassure her. He knew it had to look convincing or they were done for.

He ran his tongue lightly across her lips, coaxing her to open to him. He felt her quiver beneath him as she parted her lips. She was either a very talented actress or…

Distantly, Slane heard footsteps march closer in the street, and he pulled her tighter against him. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. A soft groan escaped her parted lips. A groan that sent his world tumbling end over end.

The curves of her body fit snugly against the ridges in his; her full breasts pressed heavily against the battle-hewn muscles in his chest. Tingles followed the trail her fingers left along his skin; prickles of heat inflamed his soul. The essence of her seemed to take on solid form, enclosing him in a swirl of passion. He no longer heard the footsteps in the streets, no longer cared if they were caught; he only wanted this moment to go on forever.

Then a man cleared his throat behind Slane. Even as Taylor’s kiss warmed his body, the threat of danger pierced the moment like a dagger. He almost reached for his sword.

Taylor’s hands moved over his waist and down to his buttocks. He battled with control as she gently squeezed, running her hands over the firm rounded portion.

He pulled back slightly to gaze deeply into the green pools of her eyes. What did she want of him? Did she truly do this for disguise? Or did she dare to challenge him so blatantly? He ran his fingers through the long locks of her glorious hair, loosening it from that accursed braid. He almost growled with the passion she had aroused within him. Then he claimed her lips again with a fierce painful lashing. If she was toying with him, he would teach her what it was like to enrage his lust so powerfully.

She matched his kiss, his intense need with a longing of her own. He felt her tremble beneath the onslaught of his kiss. He wanted her as he had never wanted anything in his life. He wanted to see what her body looked like beneath the leather armor she wore. He wanted to kiss her breasts and her stomach and…

Suddenly, she tore away from him. Slane stared at her for a long moment, trying desperately to regain control of his heated body. She stood before him like a vanquishing hero, her chin raised, her eyes glittering with —

With what? Was that passion in her eyes? Or was it mockery?

Slane felt a chill seep through his clothes to his heated skin as the cold reality of what had just happened set in. What had he been doing? What had he been thinking?

“You made it good,” she said. “Damn good. Very convincing. Even to me. But the soldiers are gone.”

And indeed, they were gone. Long gone. The streets were empty.


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