First Kiss Friday – Mistletoe Magic by Laurel O’Donnell

Cozy up under a warm blanket on this Christmas Day and read how kissing under the mistletoe really started!  My medieval holiday novella, Mistletoe Magic, is now available!  Only 99 cents for this charming story.    Here’s the first kiss between Jaclyn and Alexander.

untitled (27)Jaclyn held the bag over her shoulder as she ran through the tall grass in the field, avoiding the knights’ tents just over the rise. She rushed into the forest, not breaking her pace. She had come this way so many times that she could do it in her sleep. She easily leaped over a fallen tree and skirted some bushes. Dappled moonlight washed over the leaves on the floor, shining through the trees from above. Jaclyn hurried forward. She hoped Paul would remember to bring his horse, Nilly, so they could practice the joust.

When she broke into the clearing she could see the pond glistening beneath the stars above. She put the bag on the ground and spun, searching for Paul.

The mistletoe glen was empty. Chills of apprehension shivered up her spine. It is all right, she told herself. It’s early yet. He still has time.

She sat on the ground. Where was he? She tried to concentrate on something else. The feast this eve had gone well. There had been no fighting. But she guessed all the men were on their best behavior before the joust. When the joust began and there were official losers, then she guessed she would see more unchivalrous behavior.

She looked over her shoulder. Where was Paul? Suddenly, she heard footsteps. She stood, her heart thundering with joy.

Alexander exploded into the clearing. He looked around the clearing. “Where’s Paul?”

Her happiness vanished. What was he doing here? Following her again? She scowled. “He’s not here yet.”

He marched straight for her. “You came here to practice?”

“Well,” Jaclyn stammered,”when Paul gets here.”

“D’Sayre is coming.”


“He followed you.” Alexander kicked the bag behind the tree.

“Why is he following me? Why are you following me?”

He grabbed her arm. “D’Sayre is trying to learn your secrets. Me? I just want a kiss.” He pulled her into his embrace and pressed his lips to hers.

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