The Bravest of Them All – A Medieval Romance Novella

Bravest of Them All by Laurel O'Donnell

Bravest of Them All by Laurel O’Donnell

This story is a novella.

All her life, Nessa has idolized her older sister, Melwyn, following in her footsteps, doing what she did. When Nessa falls in love with her sister’s betrothed, she is willing to sacrifice her own feelings to ensure Melwyn’s happiness.

Luke of Brackley has vowed to protect the innocent, including his lord’s daughters. Betrothed to Melwyn, Luke always believed his future lay in her arms. When he discovers Nessa has been kidnapped by an enemy, he risks everything to save her.

Will Nessa be able to keep her love for Luke a secret even as her heart breaks?




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Reviews for The Bravest of Them All –

5 Stars

A beautiful story

“What a beautiful story. I love medieval romances. This one is short, sweet and didn’t disappoint. The writing was great. I love the beginning, a legend from one of my favorite medieval authors, Kathryn Le Veque.”

 -Ramona C.



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