knight_DSC_0765For this, the final research blog I will be writing for the month, I found something spectacular for you!  And, of course, for me.  During my search for jousting for my new novel, A True Knight, I found a really good article at the Classical Fencing website, entitled Saddle, Lance and Stirrup – An Examination of the Mechanics of Shock Combat and the Development of Shock Tactics by Richard Alvarez.  Take a look at it, if you have a moment.  What it did for me, was put me in the saddle during a joust.  I suspect that there will be no time during my entire life where I will have the cause or need to get into a saddle, to joust an opponent.  But many of the heroes of my books will.  This article let me understand what, exactly it felt like when the joust hit the shield.  Mr. Alvarez talks about practicing with a Quintain.  I can only imagine that a joust would feel the same.  Here’s an excerpt –

“That part of the impact not absorbed by the target, comes back down the lance, where it is felt first by the hand holding it, then by the armpit. It is translated from the grip and armpit of the rider, into the rider’s shoulder and pectoral muscles and on down his back muscles, into his seat and legs.

The force of the impact pushes the rider “backwards” in relation to the horse’s momentum. It even occasionally pushes him “Back and sideways” or in the case of striking at a target lower than his armpit, “back and up”.”

As you can see, Mr. Alvarez is describing the impact that I could only begin to imagine.  The article is filled with information that leads a writer to ideas for the story. 

Take a look at this article!  It’s well worth the time. 

I hope you enjoyed this month of research.  I hope it filled you with some brilliant ideas for your own writing!  

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