Medieval Monday! First Encounter in Elsbeth by Lane McFarland

It’s Medieval Monday! Today, I am honored to feature the wonderful Lane McFarland and the excerpt from Elsbeth.


It’s about –

Elsbeth MacDougall recoils at the violent Scottish rebellion and the bleak plight of orphans. Vowing to protect the homeless, she embarks on a journey to Scone and sets her course to become a nun, sheltering children from the cruelties of war. But when Brandon McLeod arrives at the Abby, he shakes her convictions and stirs provoking emotions she buried long ago.

After English soldiers murder his family, Brandon McLeod determines a course of revenge and leads numerous clans in Scotland’s fight for freedom. Bent on the annihilation of English oppression, he is resolved to a life of solitude, vowing never to marry and chance the pain of losing loved ones again. However, that was before he met the enchanting Elsbeth.



Continuing along with the excerpt –

Kendrew bowed toward the sister. “‘Tis a relief to be out of the storm. We thank ye.”

“Aye,” Ewan agreed, rubbing his hands together. “We couldn’t have traveled much farther.”

The sister, dwarfed by Brandon’s battle-hardened warriors, raised her chin a notch and stepped forward. “Follow me.”


Join me next week to find out what happens at Jenna Jaxon’s blog!



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