Romance Novel – Sample Saturday!

An excerpt from my romance novel, Midnight Shadow – the hero comes face to face with his enemy! –

The Midnight Shadow! In my castle!

“You!” Terran instinctively reached for his sword, but it wasn’t there. He wasn’t dressed for  battle. He opened his mouth to shout for the guards, but the Midnight Shadow hit him in the chest, hard enough to choke his cry.

“You cur,” the villain hissed. “How dare you betray your wife like this?”

Again Terran opened his mouth to call for guards.

But the Midnight Shadow drew his weapon and pressed the edge of the blade to Terran’s throat, silencing him again. “I should run you through, vile betrayer.”

Terran scowled.  Who is this dog to speak to me thus?

The Midnight Shadow stepped closer to him, forcing Terran to take a step back. “Do you know how you’ve made her feel?”


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