Sample Saturday! Midnight Shadow

From my romance novel, Midnight Shadow – a black moment for the heroine –

“You aren’t professing love, are you?”

“And if I am?”

He turned away before he answered.  “I would pity you.  Kathryn satisfies my physical needs.  And my heart…belongs to Odella.”

Bria’s heart shattered into a thousand pieces.  How could she have mistaken this cold, uncaring person for a man who loved her?

“Then why did you make love to me?” she cried.

There was silence before he finally said, “I thought to prove you were a whore.  Imagine my surprise to find you a virgin.”

Bria’s entire body shook, trembling like a leaf being blown about in a violent wind, and she couldn’t hold back a sob.

“Bria.”  The whispered tenderness in his voice confused her.  “Why do you make me hurt you like this?  Just go.”

Bria didn’t understand.  She didn’t want to understand the deceitful treachery behind Terran’s actions.  How could she have been so wrong about him?

She took a teetering step backward, her world blurring before her eyes, before whirling and running out of the room.

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