Sample Saturday! The Angel and the Prince

Here’s an excerpt from my ebook – The Angel and the Prince – the hero loses his son –

“I said on your feet!” he shouted.  A moment passed, then another.  When Runt did not move, Bryce sat on his heels, staring dumbly at the child.  It can’t be, he thought.  I won’t believe it.  This cannot be Runt.  I told him to leave.  I commanded him.  He would not disobey me.

Then, he saw it.  That lock of dark hair that was forever in the boy’s eyes was lying limply at the side of his head, brushed aside for all eternity.

Bryce began to shake.  He scooped Runt up into his arms, holding him tightly against his heart, and buried his face into the child’s neck.  “Oh, God, Runt,” he whispered, barely able to get the words past his closing throat.  “Why didn’t you listen to me?  Why couldn’t you go…”

He stroked Runt’s dark head, his chest constricting tightly, tears blurring his vision.  Finally, his sorrow and agony and pain overwhelmed him.  He threw back his head.  “Nooooo!” he roared, and his anguish echoed through the night.

In the nearby woods, wolves began to howl.

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