Sample Saturday! – Angel and the Prince

From my novel, The Angel and The Prince, two enemies meet for the first time –

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked, his voice low, suggestive.

Through the darkness he wore like a veil, she saw the flash of his white teeth.  Ryen pulled her hands away and watched the shadows slide off his features as his face slowly came into the flame’s light.  A shiver snaked its way up her spine.  The candlelight revealed a sensual mouth with a cynical twist to it, a Spartan chin hewn from an ancient line of warriors.

Ryen realized that she had been holding her breath and released it slowly in admiration.  She could not believe the sight that greeted her.  This is the man who was born without a heart?  The man who is in league with the devil?  The most feared barbarian in all of England?

Then how can he be so handsome?


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