Sample Saturday! – The Lady and the Falconer

Here’s a sample from my novel, The Lady and the Falconer – Solace Farindale hurries to reach the castle before the drawbridge is closed! –

The horse raced forward, seemingly oblivious to the danger ahead, the fires burning behind it pushing it on.

Solace pulled back sharply on the reins, but the horse continued to charge forward, fear fueling its speed.  “Whoa!” she cried out, her arms aching with the effort to keep a firm grip on the thick ropes clutched in her fingers.

The drawbridge continued to rise, revealing the dark waters of the moat hidden beneath it.

“Whoa!” Solace cried out again.  She jerked hard on the reins, desperate strength empowering her effort, but the horse raced on.

The wide, deep gap in the earth loomed closer.

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