Sample Saturday – The Angel and the Prince

From my romance novel, The Angel and the Prince – Ryen DeBouriez first sees the The Prince of Darkness on the battlefield –

She scanned the battlefield.  Only a few tents remained standing and only a few Englishmen held their ground and refused to turn and run.  Amid the armored men and flashing swords that remained, she saw a man who stood out from the rest by his height.  His black hair defiantly reflected the firelight as easily as his quick sword deflected the blows of her men.  He downed one, then another of her knights as she watched.  Angry, Ryen moved to spur her white war horse forward, but a thick cloud of smoke suddenly obstructed her vision.  She furiously swatted aside the shield of smoke, but when it blew past and was gone, so was he.

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