Sample Saturday! – A Knight of Honor

From my romance book, A Knight of Honor – A tempting offer between the hero and heroine –

Slane moved down the stairs. “I’ll wager your freedom and a month’s pay against your staying with me until we reach Castle Donovan.” He saw the glimmer of interest in her eyes. Bless her greedy little heart, he thought as hope blossomed in his chest. “You’re pretty good with that sword.” He saw her glance down at the sheathed weapon at her waist. “But I’ll bet I’m better.”

She lifted her eyes to his. Her full lips curled slightly. “That’s hardly a fair fight,” she said softly. “I’m wounded.”

“We’ll fight in a week’s time, if you’re up to it.” He saw the doubt in her eyes as she glanced at her wounded side. “And I’ll fight left-handed.”

Taylor lifted those glorious eyes to Slane, a smile lighting her face.

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