Supernatural Sample Saturday – featuring Immortal Death

Immortal Death written by Laurel O'DonnellHere is a sample from Immortal Death, a supernatural vampire romance.  The hero Demetrius confronts an enemy.

Jade heard his confession to Chip, Demetrius was sure that was why she had fled. He shook his head. He only said the words to protect her. Chip would have gone to Council immediately if he thought Demetrius had feelings for a mortal. Council would take her blood and very possibly her life.

He was supposed to be in hiding! If his family found him hunting Jade, he would be locked away like a prisoner. But he was a fighter. He should be out battling Malachite, not cowering in some secret hiding place. That’s what his family needed him to do. That’s what he wanted to do. He didn’t want to be chasing after Jade, either. He hadn’t asked for any of this. He should be furious with Jade for writing that story, for revealing his past for all the world to see. But he knew no matter how much he wanted to be angry with her, he was more concerned with her safety than anything else.

He flipped open his cell phone.

The voice on the other end answered before he could pose the question. “Nothing within the five minutes since you called last time,” Luther growled. “Stop calling me. I told you I’d get in touch when there was something to tell you.” The phone disconnected.

Demetrius grit his teeth. Where could she have gone?

He pulled off his sunglasses as soon as the sun set and scanned the street again. Not a single damned clue to indicate where Jade had gone. Just then, a shadowy figure moved around a corner half a block away. It moved too quickly to be human. Demetrius followed…and stopped as soon as he turned onto the vacant street.

Bastian stood before him.

Demetrius snarled, his fangs lengthened. He rushed toward him, but Bastian took off, rounding the opposite corner.

Demetrius followed, racing like the wind through the streets. Bastian dashed around a boarded up two story building. Demetrius trailed him like a shadow, bursting past the barren building. He wasn’t about to let his brother get away. Not this time. He needed a good fight.

Bastian shot up the stairs and into the open door of one of the decrepit buildings.

Demetrius trailed him. His mind registered that this could be a trap, but he didn’t care. He wanted to fight. He wanted to teach his brother not to come within two cities of him. He followed his brother up a set of dilapidated stairs and into a room on the second floor…and stopped short. His fangs vanished immediately.

Jade stood near a window. She turned to him. Her large blue eyes like the sea on a clear day. Her brown hair waved about her shoulders with her movement. Was he dreaming? His heart pounded in his chest. “Jade,” he gasped, relief and anxiety mixing inside him.

She opened her mouth slightly at the sight of him, as if she were inhaling.

“I told you I’d get you back to him,” Bastian said easily to Jade, then shifted his gaze to Demetrius. “You’d better get out of here while you have the chance.” He stood against the wall to Demetrius’s right.

Demetrius snapped his head toward Bastian. “You’ve had her all this time? You’ve known where she was? You laid your tainted hands on her?” He moved menacingly towards Bastian.

“No,” Jade cried, stepping forward to intercept him.

She was too slow. Demetrius lunged at his brother, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulled him close to his face.

“I brought you to her, you damn fool,” Bastian growled.

Before anyone could say another word, two things happened. Demetrius scented another presence, a scent so powerfully sweet it could only be Malachite, and Bastian looked at Jade in horror.

Bastian broke free of Demetrius’s hold and shot toward Jade. He managed to wrap his hands around her and spin her away, just as another vampire appeared in the spot she had stood in.

Demetrius’s knees bent and his fangs lengthened. He hissed at the newcomer, dressed in black, his dark hair cut short against his head, his eyes glowed red, his fangs lengthened and menacing. A Malachite. A powerful Malachite. Oh, he was in trouble. Two Malachites and Jade to defend.

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