Taking It From The Beginning – Part 10

You still here?  Good.  I’ve completed chapter 4, but it’s been a rough week.  So, I’m sure that my writing has not been up to par.  My muse has really come second to getting the kids ready for school and meetings for me.  But I did it!  Chapter 4 is done. 

In this chapter, Kurt tells Quinn that he and Joe hunt vampires.  He tells her a little about them – sunlight gives the vamps a case of sunburn.  They fry in the sun.  Top 15 minutes is all.  They turn people into vampires by forcing them to drink their blood.  So, I’m setting up the boundaries of my world.  The rules, if you will.  Kurt tells Quinn he believes they want her to so that they can heal faster.  Kurt admits he enjoyed her singing which is an important confidence builder for Quinn. 

Quinn is attacked by humans and Kurt beats the crap out of them, but during the fight, one of them draws a knife and he is injured.  Kurt is embarrassed and doubtful.  If he can’t protect her against humans, how can he hope to protect her against vamps?  Quinn kisses Kurt and in the process, heals him.  When Kurt gets her back to the motel they are staying at, he and Joe actually see how fast she heals.  The cut on her arm heals as they watch!

This is an important scene on many levels.  First, rules are set up for the world.  Very important.  Second, we see Kurt’s vulnerability in the fact that if he can’t save her from humans, how can he save her from monsters.  Also, the first kiss.  Even though it is delivered by Quinn to heal Kurt, it deepens their relationship and puts Kurt in more jeopardy.  Remember, he was warned by his uncle and Joe to stay away from her.  Oops.  Also, our boys witness firsthand Quinn’s ability to heal.

We’re ready for chapter 5.  Many things are happening.  Kurt and Joe believe they know why the vamps want Quinn, they’ve seen her healing ability.  Quinn has kissed Kurt so the level of tension is upped.  And there is inner turmoil for our boy, Kurt.  His ability to protect Quinn is in doubt. 

Ready for Chapter 5?  See ya next week!


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