Taking It From The Beginning – Part 11

Chapter 5.  Quinn is still having those hot dreams about Kurt.  I have her always waking from these dreams at 3:03.  Now, that is significant, but I don’t know why yet.  J  I’ll figure that out later.  Or in the rewrites.  Or take it out altogether.

Joe suspects that there is a coven of vamps after Quinn.  He thinks if they bring her to Uncle Bobby’s that they’ll put him in danger, too.  Joe and Kurt want to find the coven and decapitate and burn the vamps.  Quinn will be safe then. 

A pair of humans have been following them since they left the motel.  Kurt and Joe interrogate them and find out where the coven is.  Quinn wants to go with them, she is worried about Kurt and doesn’t want to be left behind, but they absolutely refuse.  She still insists.

They are preparing for the ambush in an abandoned cottage in the woods.  Joe goes to get the car ready, leaving Quinn and Kurt alone.  Kurt tries to tell her how dangerous it is, and the closer he gets, the more distracted Quinn becomes.  He is really hot!  Instead of kissing her, Kurt snaps a handcuff around her wrist and handcuffs her to a pipe.  She is stunned, thinking he seduced her as distraction so he could get the handcuff on.  As Kurt leaves, Quinn is furious and angry and scared.  When she was young, one of her mother’s boyfriends would lock her in a closet while he assaulted her mother.  She feels helpless and alone.

Just as Kurt and Quinn are becoming closer, Kurt slams that door.  He does it under the pretense of keeping her safe.  And, it’s a valid reason.  He is going to face all these vamps.  He’s also doing it to distance her.  He has been warned to keep away from her and still he finds himself attracted to her.

Quinn has seen a different side of Kurt.  The side that’s not in her dreams.  The tough side.  Will this affect their relationship?  Of course!  What about the vamps?  Will Kurt and Joe be able to take out the coven?  Will Quinn finally be safe?  What about her healing power?  And what about the bad guy vamp?  Will he be at the coven?

There are many things still brewing in this plot.  So, it moves forward!  Until next time…

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