Taking It From The Beginning – Part 13

Chapter 7.  In this first draft, I have Kurt and Quinn have sex in this scene.  Part of me thinks this is way too early, that the uncertainty and distrust is still too raw.  But…they are alone and very, very attracted to each other.  There are no vamps after Quinn, or so they believe.  I’m not sure whether it fits here yet.  So, guess what?  As in chapters before, I wrote “sex scene” and will decide in another draft whether I want it later or now. 

Anyway, they return to the hotel room where Joe was sleeping.  It’s a trap.  The vamp who has been following Quinn bites her and another attacks Kurt.  Kurt stakes his vamp and gets the other one off of Quinn.  He questions the vamp who bit Quinn, demanding where Joe is and the vamp admits other vamps took him.  Kurt interrogates him about the location they took Joe.  He demands to know what they want Quinn for.  And the vampire says her blood.  Kurt is about to stake the vampire when Quinn stops him.  Something is different.  The vamp is human!!

So, I have part of the mystery why the vamps are after Quinn solved.  Her blood can change them into humans.  This scene has progressed the plot as well as heightened the danger.  The vamps have Joe.  What will Kurt do?  Leave Quinn to get Joe or leave Joe with the vamps to protect Quinn? 

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the waters, or to have sex, BAM!  J  I love to torment my characters. 

Anyway, I have a lot planned now and the story is moving.  So, until next time…


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