Taking It From The Beginning – Part 15

Chapter 9!  The vampire who had turned into a man from drinking Quinn’s blood is tied up in a hotel room with Quinn while Kurt goes for supplies (and probably lays out some traps for the blood suckers!).  The vamp/man tells Quinn he can feel he’s changing back into a vampire again and demands her blood to stop the change.  He tells her that her blood is like a drug and he can never have enough.  That doesn’t sound good!

Kurt returns and questions the vampire/man.  He tells Kurt he can’t save Joe and Quinn.  It’s something Kurt doesn’t want to hear.  He tells Quinn to go into the bathroom and close the door.  There’s no doubt Kurt has had enough of the vampire/man.  After getting as much information as he wanted from the monster, Kurt cuts his head off.  When Quinn is obviously disturbed by this, Kurt tells her she can’t treat them like humans, because they’re not.  They’re monsters.  Armed with new information, Kurt is going after Joe.  Before he leaves, Quinn asks him to teach her to protect herself.

He teaches her to shoot.  She’s not a very good shot.  There’s a short scene where they exchange kisses and promises of things to come.  Deepening the relationship. 

The lead bad vamp we saw briefly before makes a return.  He is awoken from his day sleep by a trusted human and sends his human to get Quinn from the coven that is holding Joe.

Kurt goes to the place that the vampire/man told him Joe was being held.  It’s a large warehouse.  He saves Joe from the two humans who are beating him.  Just as they are about to make their escape, a metal wall drops before the door, sealing them in the warehouse.  And what’s worse, Kurt spots two puncture marks on Joe’s neck!  Uh oh!

Chapter 9 ends with a bang.  The boys are sealed in a warehouse with sunset coming.  Quinn is alone in an abandoned shack in the forest, waiting for Kurt.  Here comes chapter 10! 

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