Taking It From The Beginning – Part 16

Sometimes life interferes with writing, or my creative muse is stifled by day to day activities or my argumentative teenagers.  Sometimes, I’m just too tired to bring my characters to life.  This is not writers block.  It is life.  The Holidays are coming.  Every second that I get to steal away and write will be precious.  But I know that writing will become harder and harder over the next couple of months.  My mind will be elsewhere.

With that being said, I did finish chapter 10.  Kurt and Joe are trying to get out of the warehouse, but the mazes of crates are confusing.  Kurt senses Joe is purposely leading him the wrong way.  They get out just as the sun sets.  During the car ride back to the cabin and Quinn, Kurt asks Joe what happened.  Joe says nothing happened, that the vamps and humans questioned him, but he didn’t reveal anything.  Kurt is suspicious because of the bite marks on Joe’s neck.

As they approach the cabin, Kurt is devastated to see it is burning.  He believes the vamps found Quinn and killed her.  Especially when he finds the gun he had given her to protect herself.  He is also more convinced Joe told the vamps where to find her.

He calls his Uncle Bobby and tells him his suspicions and tells him he is not safe.  He can’t tell him about his failure in losing Quinn or that he believes she is dead.  He is too broken up and guilty.  When he sleeps that night, he has the dream and awakes at 3:03.  Quinn has to be alive.

Somehow, someway, this dream is a connection between Kurt and Quinn.  While Kurt’s relationship with Quinn grows, his suspicions of Joe also grow. 

I know this scene is going to have to be fleshed out.  Kurt should be more heartbroken and devastated at losing Quinn, although maybe he is, but he is hiding it.  He has a lot on his mind.  He saved Joe, but at what cost?  Just to lose him again when he changes?  If he changes?  More should also be happening between Joe and Kurt.  Kurt believes that the vamps got to him!  He can’t trust him. 

This scene needs work.  But I’m going to wait to do that in the rewrites.  Forging ahead…

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