Taking It From The Beginning – Part 7

I’ve written the opening scene where Kurt and Quinn are introduced, as well as Joe.  They’re on their way to Uncle Bob’s now. 

Kurt and Joe are trying to figure out why the vampire is after Quinn.  To Kurt, it doesn’t matter much, he just wants to kill it.

Quinn’s band has a gig.  They need her to sing.  Since the band is like family to her, she doesn’t want to let them down.  And if she doesn’t go, they are going to kick her out.  Quinn’s wants have changed.  She wants to get to that gig, but Kurt has already told her it was too dangerous.

Kurt wants to get Quinn safely to Uncle Bob’s. 

The conflict is that Quinn wants to go to the gig.  Kurt told her not to.  Guess what.  She’s going.  At the end of chapter one, Quinn is planning to ditch Kurt and Joe and get to the gig.

The sexual tension is there for both Kurt and Quinn.  Quinn is really torn with her sexual attraction to Kurt because of her dreams.  She can’t quite believe he’s real.  For Kurt, Quinn keeps looking at him with those hot looks.  But I added another dimension to keep them apart.  Kurt promised his Uncle Bob he wouldn’t touch her.

As I write scenes, things are revealed to me.  The characters give me glimpses and ideas about the past, even the future.  That’s why I’m a pantser.  I love that about writing.  I love getting to know my characters that way and discovering things about the plot.  For instance, I still have to come up with an idea of why the vampire is after her.  She must have something they want.  I thought of an idea while I was writing.  What if she has some sort of power.  She can heal.  So, I’m going to work with that and see how it turns out.

That’s where I’m at.  Conflict is there.  Check.  Sexual tension.  Check.  Time to write!

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