Taking It From The Beginning – Part 8

I wrote chapter two now.  In chapter two, Quinn snuck out to meet with her band mates.  We were introduced to Mitch, the overprotective guitarist Quinn had a relationship with two years ago, Jimmy (previously Joe, but I am changing his name because Joe is Kurt’s friend…duh) the bass player and Teddy the drummer.  We see how close she is with them.  They are her family.  She feels incredibly guilty about sneaking out on Kurt and Joe.  She performs with the band and during the night she spots Kurt and Joe in the crowd. 

Kurt is furious with her for ditching them and tells her so.  Joe calms everyone down and they agree to wait through her performance.  During one of the songs, Quinn discovers at least three vampires in the audience…and that Teddy is one, too!  She races off stage and Kurt and Joe are there.  They leave immediately.  Mitch and the others try to stop her, but when she reveals Teddy is a vampire, he attacks her and Joe cuts his head off.  That, of course, alienates him from the other band members.  Quinn has to decide who to go with and she picks Kurt and Joe.  As chapter two ends, Kurt and Quinn are once again on the same page.  They are headed to Uncle Bob’s house. 

Kurt is suspecting that there is a bigger picture here.  There were three vampires in the pub whereas before only one was after Quinn.  For chapter three, they’re going to try to figure out why. 

Because Kurt and Joe are trying to figure out why the vampires are after Quinn, I, as the writer, better figure it out.  The reason had better be spectacular!  Why would vampires want her so badly?  I have to give her something.  Maybe a power that she has had all along.  The power to heal people with a touch and she heals quickly.  She takes the persons wound into her body and then she heals.  Okay.  I’ll try this.  But why would the vampires want her?  What do they want?  Maybe these vampires want to be mortal.  Maybe they think Quinn could turn them mortal again, that she could “heal” them.  Maybe she accidentally touched a vampire and for a moment, his blood lust went away and his fangs vanished.  Sounds good.  I’ll go with that…for now.

The problem is, Kurt and Joe don’t know this.  Quinn is reluctant to tell them she has this ability because she doesn’t want them to see her as different, as a freak.  So, while they’re trying to figure out why the monsters are after her, she already has an idea. 

You with me so far?  See how as problems arise, I try to work them out.  It might change in the course of the book, but for now, it’s enough to move forward.

See you next time for revelations in chapter three!

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