Taking It From The Beginning – Part 9

I’m through the third chapter now.  The sexual tension between Quinn and Kurt is definitely growing.  Kurt is starting to really notice Quinn. 

We see Quinn use her special power to heal Kurt’s black eye.  She heals incredibly quick and Kurt is sure he saw something, but not sure what.  Quinn tells the boys she’s always been a fast healer, but not unusually fast.  She believes they will see her as a freak if they know the truth.

They are also trying to think of why the vampires want Quinn.  Quinn explains she was attacked three times by the same vampire.  But there were more vampires at the Ralston where the band played.  So, what’s up with that?

Kurt and Joe theorize the vamps want Quinn for her ability to heal so fast.  Maybe the vamps think they’ll heal faster with her blood.

At the end of chapter 3, the main bad vampire – who I have yet to name – is introduced.  He is powerful and dangerous and is very intent on getting to Quinn.  That’s all we know.  It was a short scene and I’ll probably flesh it out more in another round.  But for right now, the villain is introduced. 

While I was writing this scene, an idea came to me.  Perhaps, the vamps don’t want Quinn for her blood.  Perhaps, it’s her touch ability to heal others that they want.  Maybe they want Quinn to touch a vamp that was killed and bring him/her back from the dead…  It’s an idea to play with. 

One quick note, also.  Life is filled with duties and responsibilities.  These often interfere with writing.  This past week has been busy with back to school activities, driving the children around and material pick up days.  Even a couple of birthdays!  Not mine, mind you, but my beloved husband and son.  With this in mind, it is okay to miss a day of writing.  It’s okay to give yourself that break, as long as you get back into the saddle the next day. 

Are you with me?  Keep writing!  See you next week.

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