The Lady and the Falconer is Now Available!

Romance Novel Cover for The Lady and the Falconer by Laurel O'DonnellThe Lady and the Falconer has arrived!

The Lady and the Falconer is an exciting medieval romance filled with action, intrigue, suspense and a desire that defies every sinister obstacle put in its path.


Lady Solace Farindale

With her father at war and her stepmother ruling the castle with disinterest, Solace protects her people the best she can.  When a neighboring lord lays siege to the castle, a threat on the lady’s life is discovered.  She turns to a man she can’t resist, and puts her trust in a stranger who has captured her heart.  Will she discover the secret this man holds before it is too late?

Logan Grey

Tormented by guilt and a tragic past, Logan Grey has gained access to the castle disguised as a falconer.  With only revenge on his mind, he has no time for the feisty beauty who has caught his eye.  In a twist of fate, and a deadly betrayal, Logan must risk his life for the lady who ignited a passion more perilous than war.

Can love reign in a place where only hate ruled?

I hope you like it!

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