Why I Love Medieval Romance Novels – Part 1

Castles –

Who can resist the grandeur of a picturesque stone castle set before the backdrop of a red setting sun?  The tall towers stretching high into the sky, drawbridges opening to allow villagers and merchants inside, moats ringing the fortresses for defense.  The castle provided safety in times of war and food in winter.  It had many rooms, from the grand Great Hall to the dark dungeon.  For me, all it takes is the image of the ruins of a medieval castle to get me to wonder what happened to the castle.  Did it fall into disrepair because of war or neglect?  Who owned it?  What kind of people lived in it throughout the centuries?  Did knights in armor stroll the halls?  Did Bards’ songs fill the hallways?  Did children race up the stairways?  And lo, the beginnings of a story fill my mind.

Tell me what you love most about medieval castles.

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