99 Cent Wednesday for June 29th!

Every Wednesday, I bring you a great deal.  A boxed set for only 99 cents.  That’s a quarter a book, or sometimes, less!  How can you beat that?

hearts aflame



Today’s deal is

Hearts Aflame




Contributing Authors

Nancy Morse

Anna Markland

Jill Hughey

Catherine Kean



From the 9th to the early 20th century, from Paris under siege by Vikings to colonial Kenya, the stone’s legacy is inescapable. Those who inherit will be consumed by fire.
Dear Reader, You are embarking on an adventure that has been two years in the making. Hearts Aflame was the brainchild of 13 authors known collectively as Love Historicals. Four eventually participated in the final publication. For four busy, bestselling authors to collaborate successfully on creating brand new stories around a central theme is an achievement in itself, and we are proud of the result. We hope you come to love the Rowan family as you follow the history of their heirloom from the 9th to the 20th centuries. For more information about each individual author, you can visit the Love Historicals website at http://www.lovehistoricals.com


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