99 cent Wednesday! Lady’s Champion

Every Wednesday, I will bring you a great deal.  A boxed set for only 99 cents.  That’s a quarter a book, or sometimes, less!  How can you beat that?




Today’s deal is

Lady’s Champion: Four More Medieval Tales of Love Across the Lands





Contributing Authors

Elizabeth Rose

Ashley York

Cathy MacRae

Laurel O’Donnell



This fantastic set includes full-length novels from bestselling and award-winning authors. It includes these novels –

My Noble Knight by LAUREL O’DONNELL –
A LADY longs to try her skills by competing in the joust. A noble KNIGHT is sworn to the traditional ways of chivalry and to uphold the rules of the joust. Can they work together to discover who is trying to sabotage him while keeping their growing attraction secret?

The Baron’s Bounty by ELIZABETH ROSE –
Isobel McEwen’s only weakness is her love of shoes. She is sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry Conlin de Barose, Baron of the Cinque Ports. But before she leaves for England, she witnesses her Scottish king’s murder, and is only able to identify the killer by his shoes.

The Highlander’s Outlaw Bride by CATHY MACRAE –
Forced into a marriage neither wants, it will take a king’s edict and sacrifice from both Connor and Brianna to discover what love means.

Can Connor give up his wicked ways to win the lass he cannot resist? And what will it take to turn Brianna from an outlaw to a Highlander’s cherished bride?

The Gentle Knight by ASHLEY YORK –
Peter, a Norman soldier, returns home after battle to find his lover had died in childbirth just as his mother had. Overwhelmed by guilt, he decides on a solitary life until he meets Brighit, an Irish lass whose innocence demands his protection. Will it be at the cost of his heart?


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