First Kiss Friday – A Knight’s Quest by Lana Williams

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Lana Williams, author of medieval romance A Knight’s Quest.  Welcome Lana!


Thank you, Laurel, for allowing me to share the first kiss between Sir Garrick and Lady Sophia from A Knight’s Quest, my latest medieval romance.


Garrick reached out to take her hand, causing flutters in her middle. For a long moment, he simply twined his fingers with hers. Heat seeped into her palm, up her arm and into her chest.

“I can see how worried you are.” He said the words so quietly, as though he didn’t want to frighten her. “Is there anything I can do to aid you?”

As she watched, he traced the lines in her palm with his thumb, sending the oddest sensations spiraling through her. His stormy blue eyes seemed to see straight inside her to her secrets.

“You are a good man.” She wasn’t certain if she was telling him or herself. But it was true. She’d bet her life on it.

He obviously loved his family. The way he spoke of his mother and father as well as his brother and sister, not to mention his cousins, warmed her heart.

“Thank you. I try to be.” He leaned closer, using his free hand to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Shivers chased through her at his touch. He was so close she could feel the heat of his body. His scent reminded her of the place where the forest met the sea.

“You are a lovely woman, inside and out,” he whispered.

Her breath caught and she swallowed hard, surprised by how much she wanted him to kiss her. She admonished herself for the thought. He’d soon be gone, and she’d be foolish to allow herself to care for him. Yet she knew all too well that pleasurable moments in life were fleeting.

“Sophia?” he said again. The sound of her name on his lips sent longing coursing through her.


“I would very much like to kiss you.”

Her heart melted at his request. He watched her patiently with a hint of heat in those eyes. How different he was from other men she’d met, who took without asking, demanded without offering anything in return. Men like her betrothed and Sir Gilbert.

She closed her eyes for a brief moment, scared of the risk she took. “I would like that as well.”

Before she had a moment to reconsider, his lips pressed to hers as though he’d been waiting for this moment for a long while. His mouth was firm as he kissed her then drew back. She nearly moaned in protest. Then he kissed her once more, longer this time, his head tilting to better fit with hers. His lips parted slightly, hungrily. What could she do but offer the same?

Emotions swirled inside her, strange sensations she’d never before experienced. How different this kiss was from the terrible one that Sir Gilbert had stolen from her earlier. This was no power struggle. Only pleasure, pure and simple, flowed through her, running as quickly as the river below. It felt never ending, building as they continued to kiss.

She eased back when her heart threatened to beat out of her chest. She stared at this man, perplexed at the feelings he caused inside her. What was it about it him that did this to her?

“You—” He frowned, seeming as confused as she. “I—” He shook his head ever so slightly.

She wanted to nod and tell him she felt exactly the same. But she needed to protect herself. He was not for her. He was an English knight who’d soon be gone, and there was no purpose in allowing her feelings for him to grow. She didn’t dare rely on him in any way. After all, the only reason he’d sought her out was because he needed her for his wool. Once his request was filled, it was unlikely she’d see him again.

“I’m sorry, but I must return home.” Without risking another glance at the handsome knight, she rose and hurried away. If only she could leave behind her growing feelings for the man as well.


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