First Kiss Friday – A Wicked Beginning by Calinda B

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Calinda B, author of paranormal romance A Wicked Beginning.  Welcome Calinda!  Here’s the first kiss between Cherie Abella Manhattan and Cameron Delaney Tyson.

After they’d finished munching their sandwiches, they sat side by side, their legs stretched out, barely touching. “Glad the sun is going behind those trees,” Cam commented. “It’s starting to get tolerable out here.” At least temperature-wise, he thought. He was oh so conscious of Chérie’s nearness, and he pretty much knew that Chérie felt the same way. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer and reached out to touch her soft cheek, red from the sun. “So, I recall you saying you missed my kisses.”

“Mm hmmm,” she uttered, closing her eyes.

“I could remind you of what they taste like…how they feel,” he said, resting his hand on the back of her neck and pushing his thumb up and down along the muscles and veins.

“It’s a possibility…” she said, eyes still closed.

“What do you think…want me to remind you?”

She opened her eyes, now drenched with desire, and just looked at him. God, she was “torch his shorts hot”…and he didn’t mean from the sun. Her hair looked like a red sunburst in the light and her amber eyes –beholding her eyes was like falling into warm water after being chilled to the bone. A wave of passion pulsed in his cock. “Is that a yes, Chér?” His voice sounded all raspy and thick. She’d better give him an answer, or he was going to climax in his jeans.

Chérie bit her lip and continued to gaze at him. Cam sucked in his breath from the intensity pouring out her eyes. Time just seemed to hang there as his cock grew harder and harder – he wondered if there was a little dude with a bicycle pump jumping up and down on the pedal and pumping air into his shaft. He swallowed hard, afraid to say anything else, lest she say no. Chérie broke the gaze and looked away. Goddamn, was this a yes or a no? His manhood was straining against his jeans and realized he was holding his breath. Exhaling, he saw Chér look back at him. And the answer is…?

A simple word left her lips. “Yes.”

Oh, God, he wanted to savor this moment, to make this the best kiss he could possibly give. He leaned over, gently grasped the back of her neck, parted his lips and connected with hers. Oh, sweet Jesus, sizzle and burn, this was fucking extreme. The craving pouring through him was more intense than anything he’d ever felt. Chérie responded to him, yielding to his mouth, opening hers, extending her supple tongue into his mouth. He swirled his tongue along the soft tissue of her mouth, savoring the taste of her, the feel of her, the everything of her. Unable to stop, he eased her back on the blanket and rolled on top, allowing her to feel the erection he had for her and her alone. “God, babe, I’ve missed you.” He looked down, their eyes locked, the heat between them hot as the sun which was slipping behind the trees. He was in an energetic whirlpool with her, and it was dragging him deeper and deeper and deeper. His lips moved back to hers, and he kissed her again, long and slow. Careful not to press down too hard on her slender body, he savored the sinuous, muscular length of her underneath him. And then he experienced something strange…she was rippling, undulating with energy like the river they just ran. Fucking incredible… She started doing that “glow lit like a light bulb” thing she’d done so many moons ago when they were still together. What had freaked him out before now had this hypnotic effect on him.

“Goddamn, Chér, what are you doing?” he said in a thick voice dripping with desire.

Her laugh drew him even closer. “I think we’ve awakened the ka’kriyayaga. It’s been a while, but it’s back.”

“Oh, baby, is it back,” Cam uttered.


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