First Kiss Friday – Rescued by Arlene Lam

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Arlene Lam, author of historical romance RescuedWelcome Arlene!  Here’s the first kiss between Amelia Marriott and Jordan Bradford.

He hadn’t acknowledged it before, but now he had to admit she was more than a pretty girl, she was a gorgeous woman. “Well that is a pity, you not knowing how to dance I mean. Every woman knows but you. I could teach you right now if you want.” Reaching his hand out to her Jordan pulled her closer to him. “Would you like to dance?”

Smiling Amelia softly swatted his hand away. “Stop it Mr. Bradford.” Amelia backed away slightly, he was serious. “I don’t know how.”

“No time like the present to learn.” Grinning, Jordan took her hand in his. The moment his hand touched hers, her pulse quickened and her breathing became sharp. That heavenly feeling was back and she reveled in it. When he pulled her closer it felt so good she could scarcely believe it. “This is silly; you shouldn’t be out here with me dancing.”

“It’s a cotillion isn’t it? “Jordan countered but peering down at Amelia let her go. “I never liked dancing anyway.” Spotting the bench behind him Jordan took a seat in it.

“Well I don’t think I would either.” Amelia blushed.

Flicking the butt of his cigar to the floor Jordan stepped on it making sure the heated tip was out. “You should say that to whatever man you marry, you’ll make him happy.”

Amelia’s smile vanished quickly from her face. She didn’t want to think of marriage anymore than she had to.

Her actions didn’t go undetected but Jordan didn’t ask why she was now frowning he needed to get back inside anyway. “If you would excuse me,” he started and then stopped noting again just how striking Amelia was. Leaning closer to her he knew he was to close but could not help himself leaning down on impulse he kissed her forehead as he would Margaret’s or Georgia’s but somehow the meaning was different.

Pulling away Jordan looked down at her as her eyes seemed to be drifting closed, tilting her head up Jordan said her name which caused her to open them.

Amelia knew she must have looked like a spooked deer and felt her mouth slightly drop open to form some words to explain herself but heard nothing come out. All she could do was stare up into those eyes of his.

Jordan told himself no but felt himself leaning in and pulling her closer to him, lifting her up slightly, his body seemingly took on a will of its own and before he could stop it his lips crashed down upon hers.

He was gentle at first leaving a few feathery soft pecks here and there. And amazingly enough she let him, not pulling back as he had expected. He let his arms circle around her waist to aid him in lifting her for better access.

Amelia felt her feet now barely touching the ground and knew that at any moment her heart would leap out from her chest or she would fall out in a dead faint, and that’s when it happened. Her legs nearly gave out on her; surely it had to be a sin for anything to feel so good.

Jordan tightened his grip on her not wanting her to slip, but didn’t stop his sweet assault—he had barely begun! Gently he tried prodding her mouth open but she kept it shut firmly, there were ways around that, slowly Jordan sucked and pulled at her bottom lip and by and by she let herself forget, clenching her teeth together.

Dipping his tongue in slowly he proceeded with his intoxicating torture coaxing her to try her own exploration and little by little she did.

Amelia felt herself control start to fade and let a soft moan she had been trying desperately to stifle escape her body. Morgan’s slovenly attempts at kisses were nothing like this.

Jordan was the first to pull away breathless. What the hell was he doing? Looking down at her in the moonlight he had to stop himself from kissing her again her soft lips now swollen.

Amelia nearly gasped, the whole world seemed to be spinning, who knew a kiss could be so good?


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