First Kiss Friday – My Fallen by Ashlyn Mathews

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Ashlyn Mathews, author of paranormal romance My Fallen.  Welcome Ashlyn!  Here’s the first kiss between Elise Castle and Xavier.

My Fallen Cover

“Seventy-two hours, maybe less. Then you can find yourself a woman who doesn’t mind Fallens.”

“I want you.”

“Like your kinds, you want a challenge,” she said in frustration. “I won’t be that to you or any man.”

“But Drake was at your place just two days ago.”

He dug his fingers into her hips before he reached up and covered her hands with his. He brought her knuckles to his lips and bit. Elise tugged her hands out of his hold. His bite had hurt and aroused.

“My point of contact sent me the images of Drake leaving your apartment. In your sleep, you spoke his name. Yet you said the two of you never hooked up. Tell me your connection to him, and I’ll triple the amount I’ll be paying your brother.”

Elise pushed him aside and shoved off the counter. She couldn’t understand X’s fixation on her friendship with Drake. “You can’t sway me with money.”

Xavier moved and blocked her exit. “Even to save your brother’s company?”

Her loyalty to Sam and Drake was equal, and they had earned it through their blood and tears. “The price you’re paying is enough.”

“It might be, but one word from me and Midas won’t get any more clients. Then what?”

Elise smiled sweetly and said, “Then I take up Drake’s offer and marry him.” It was a lie, but he had pushed her too far with his threat.

He stepped aside, his eyes hot with fury. “A premature congrats and good luck to the happy couple.” He smirked. “And may Drake die a painful death while deep inside you.”

Quiet and polite couldn’t hold her back any longer at his spite. She pounded at his chest with her fists. He stood and took her hits, the expression on his face daring her to do what would ease her angst, her restlessness.

Grabbing him by the back of his neck, she fisted her other hand in his hair and brought his mouth to hers. Her first kiss in two years should’ve been tender, but she didn’t want tenderness from this man. She wanted him for who he was—a man full of power and danger, a man who could hurt her so badly she’d be scarred for life. As he grabbed her ass and brought her against his erection, Elise tightened her hold on his hair and kissed him long and hard.

“The bedroom, Xavier.”

He laughed, slung her over his shoulder, and had her on the bed in a few seconds flat. He tugged off her pajama pants while she yanked off her tank top.

“Slow but far from casual,” he said. “And everything but the finale.”

“You believe me?”

“Call it crazy, but yes.”

“I want to hear you say the words.”

“Elise Castle, I believe I can possibly die, with pleasure mind you,” he said and waggled his eyebrows, “if I go all the way with you, sweet thing.”

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