First Kiss Friday – The Bull Rider and the Baby by Jeanine McAdam

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Jeanine McAdam, author of Western romance The Bull Rider and the Baby.  Welcome Jeanine!  Here’s the first kiss between Carrie Wang and Caleb Cooper.

TheBullRiderandtheBaby_SM“There’s nothing going on between you two?” Caleb clarified sliding over to her. He reached for her hand. His palm was warm, his calluses thick.

Maybe that twinkle in his eye wasn’t meant to be mocking. Carrie shook her head, her hair sweeping back and forth. “No, the only thing he wanted from me was to have an abortion. Now he wants me to sign adoption papers.” It was so nice having Caleb talking to her again. Gosh, she missed him for that hour when he wasn’t.

“That’s harsh,” Caleb said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

She tucked her head under his chin. No one had ever looked at her situation like that before. Carrie had to agree it was harsh. A few days ago she had come to the conclusion that Chaz was not a nice person. It took her a long time to get there.

“So there’s no Baby Daddy waiting at home for you?”

“God, no,” Carrie said. That just sounded weird. She’d never thought of Chaz as her Baby Daddy. Maybe sperm donor or something like that, but not a Baby Daddy.

Just as she was thinking about how offended Chaz would be being called a Baby Daddy Caleb leaned over and kissed her. As Caleb’s warm, soft lips covered her mouth–Chaz, beaker closets, and everything else embarrassing that had ever happened in her life slipped from her mind. Finally she got a chance to put her fingers in Caleb’s hair and push it out of his eyes.


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