First Kiss Friday – Butterflies Are Free by Debby Lee

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Debby Lee, author of sweet romance Butterflies are Free.  Welcome Debby!  Here’s the first kiss between Lena Thumble and Lance Wearly.

Ten days passed and Lance filled every one with adventure and excitement. Late one evening, Lena found herself walking along Alki Beach hand in hand with him. They had walked only a mile before Lance began to limp.

“Mind if we sit for a minute, Darling?” Lance winced as a pain-filled expression crossed his face.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Lena plopped down, crossed her legs and cringed as Lance sank to the ground. His awkward movements and gritted teeth told her this maneuvering wasn’t easy for him.

“Sorry about that.” Lance gazed at the horizon with sadness in his expression.

Lena got the feeling he was embarrassed at his physical impairment. She thought a change of subject was in order. “The horizon sure is pretty.”

Lance gave a definite nod and turned to her with bright eyes. The sun was just beginning to set against a blue and gold early June sky. The aroma of salt water tickled her nose and made her sneeze. Lance chuckled and took her in his arms. He held her so close, she was certain he could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

The fire burning in his eyes caused Lena’s breath to catch in her throat as he leaned down and laid a gentle but passion-filled kiss upon her eager lips. Her pulse raced and heat surged through her body. She felt his breath hot against her neck and looked up to stare into his blue-green eyes and practically melted. Maybe, with the right person, a house with a white picket fence and a perfect walkway wasn’t such a bad thing after all. A huge chunk of her heart wanted this moment to go on forever . . .



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