First Kiss Friday – Duty Calls by Sandra McGregor

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Sandra McGregor, author of contemporary series romance Duty Calls.  Welcome Sandra!  Here’s the first kiss between Lt. Col Dale Mitchlen and Alyson Sanders.

Set up: Alyson is widowed and caring for her single-parent sister’s two-year old daughter, Katie, while the sister is on active duty with the Air Force in Afghanistan.

When the sister is killed in action, a letter in her personal effects reveals the name of the father. Now Alyson must find him and let him know that he’s a father.

 A couple of months after finding him…..


He allowed her plenty of time to resist–plenty of time to tell him to stop, but she didn’t want him to stop. Oh God, never let him stop. She wanted him to be concerned about her and to hold her. Since her husband died, being held in a man’s arms was one of the things she missed most. She burrowed her face into his chest, breathing in the musky scent of his soap and deodorant. When he pulled back slightly, she wanted to groan, but when his finger gently lifted her chin, her eyes opened to look up as he bent closer. As his lips gently touched hers, her eyes closed and her arms reached up to encircle his neck even as he wrapped his arms around her to pull her closer and deepen the kiss. Just as quickly, he released her and took a step back when Katie called out from her room. “Da da da!”


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