First Kiss Friday – Immortal Relations by G. D. Ogan

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is G. D. Ogan, author of paranormal romance Immortal Relations.  Welcome G. D.!  Here’s the first kiss between Gary Logan and Magdalena.


The roof had parapets similar to an old castle, we walked around enjoying the view; from this vantage point much of the city was visible until other buildings blocked the remainder. We continued to stroll around the outside while she told me more of the history of the city and her family. Impulsively, I turned and said, I know it’s probably inappropriate for me to say it, since I’m much older, but you have been so kind and gracious to me that I think I’m falling in love with you. I’ll understand if you can’t feel the same way toward someone like me and I hope my expressing the way I feel won’t make you leave and keep me from being with you anymore. I’d rather be just a friend with no possibility of developing a deeper relationship than to never see you again! Saying that brought up some deep feelings of loneliness I wasn’t able to suppress; tears suddenly welled up in my eyes and, ashamed of those tears, I turned away from her.

She grabbed me from behind and spun me around so fast my head took a second to follow the trajectory of my body. When my face caught up with the rest of me, she kissed me gently on the mouth saying she had similar feelings toward me, but there were complications for us to do much about those feelings. I wiped my eyes and felt as if my heart would leap out of my chest; with my emotional high it took a minute to recover. If this was a dream I prayed I’d never wake up.

Looking deeply into her eyes as she had done with me, I said if it is a matter of your immortality and super-human strength a solution is to change me!

Now she looked confused. What makes you think I’m an immortal?

I’ve thought it from the first, only an immortal could move from one side of a four-lane road to the other in less than a second, I saw you reflected in a window suddenly disappear from one side of the road then you were just inches behind me when I turned around, which caused me to jerk back, and almost fall. With lightning speed and amazing strength you kept me upright and when you recognized my father in the picture and my legs failed me, again your strength helped me over to a bench.

When we’ve been at the café, you didn’t eat or drink, and I’ve never seen you eat or drink anything. You have strength that surpasses the strongest weight lifter, but wield it with total gentleness. You smell of sugar & cinnamon and are the most kind, considerate and lovely companion I could dream of. You’ve captivated my heart in the time I’ve been with you. Your hands and lips are cold like stone, yet you move with grace and fluidity of motion and your touch sends electrical shocks through me, which I want to last forever! You ask me how I could know. How could I NOT know?

You recognize I used the term immortal. I hope you realize I do so, not out of fear of the word vampire, but because I wanted to state my feelings before I asked you to explain how you became a vampire. I believe when you knew my father you were fully human!

And yes, I realized you are in fact ‘the great aunt’ you described to me. I knew it because of the way you expressed her love for him and the catch in your voice when you spoke of him.

I went down on one knee, and then looked up at her, “We’ve been together for only two days, yet I feel I’ve known you all my life! If you’ll allow me, I’ll spend forever with you any way I can; I prefer as your companion, but if not, I pledge you my blood if you need it. I want you to understand, my statement of love is unequivocal, I want to be with you any way you’ll have me…and forever!”

Then, I sensed a presence coming from behind, I stood, turned and saw a hooded figure running quickly toward us and I tried to move to defend Magdalena and myself. Seeing my almost comical protective stance, the figure stopped and said, “Oh mother, I’m so happy for you!”

Magdalena introduced me to her daughter Eviana; who as she dropped her hood the city lights revealed a beautiful young woman of perhaps eighteen years of age. I stared as she looked so much like her mother, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes, dressed similarly to her mother in a black pants suit, but with a hood rather than a scarf. I extended my hand; saying I’m happy to meet you and I thanked her for supporting my statement of love for her mother.


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