First Kiss Friday – Glimmer by Vivi Anna

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Vivi Anna, author of urban fantasy romance Glimmer.  Welcome Vivi!  Here’s the first kiss between Severin Saint Morgan and Nina Decker.

Severin stepped out of the shadows, a long stemmed red rose in one hand and a white Styrofoam box in the other.

He smiled. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Yeah, I think you did.” I didn’t lower my hand.

His grin faded. “Something’s changed.” He tilted his head to look at me. “I smell fear. Are you afraid of me?”

I shook my head, but I knew it was pointless, he could smell it on me. He already confessed to that fact.

“I brought you some dessert. I thought I owed you at least that much.” He offered the Styrofoam box.

“What is it?” I asked, still not moving from my spot.

“Rum chocolate cheesecake.”

My resolve softened a little. I loved cheesecake. It was my favorite dessert. But I really hoped he guessed and that he truly didn’t know that about me. It would push him into the obsessive, stalker type of man. I didn’t really want to push him there. I wanted to like him. I wanted it to be safe and sane to like him. Not dangerous and foolish.

I took the offered box, and relaxed a little. I let the keys dangle loosely from my fingers. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I glanced at my watch. Only an hour had passed since we parted ways at the restaurant. “You finished your business pretty quickly.”

He shrugged. “Couldn’t concentrate. I had other things on my mind.” He lifted one eyebrow. It was a sexy look.

“Did you really come all this way to give me dessert? Seems a little creepy.”

He smiled again, and it put me more at ease. “Yeah, you got me there.” He moved toward me. “I didn’t really come to give you dessert.”

I could feel his presence as he took another step forward. He was only three feet away and already I felt the heat of his body caressing me. I shivered but not because I was cold.

“Why then?”

“To give you this.”

I froze when he breached the distance between us and cupped my right cheek. With my three-inch heels on, I was eye-level with him. His eyes looked black in the shadows. But I swore as he gazed at me they deepened even more.

Only seconds ticked by but it felt like an eternity before he moved in to brush his lips against mine. It was the barest of touches but it sent a jolt of pleasure zinging through me. I felt it all the way down to the tips of my toes. My legs wobbled and if I hadn’t had valued my dignity I would’ve dropped right there and then in front of him.

As it was it took all the reserve I had not to moan.

He leaned back, and then stroked his thumb over my trembling lips.

“Is that it?” I hadn’t meant to say it quite like that but my mind was in a bit of a fog from his brief kiss.

He chuckled. “Hell no, that’s not it.”

This time the kiss wasn’t soft or brief. It was a long, thorough sweep of his tongue and lips. I did moan this time, as he nipped at my bottom lip, then traced the tip of his tongue over mine.

He tasted how he looked. Wild.Sexy.Dangerous.Delicious. I could’ve kissed him forever and not ever tire of his flavor.

I dropped both my keys and the dessert and fisted my hands into the fabric of his shirt to hang on as he deepened the kiss. Lips brushed. Tongues lashed. Moans exchanged. It was hot and wet and wonderful. I could’ve feasted on his full mouth all night.

But then something happened.

My skin began to glow. And it wasn’t a light radiance caught in the rays of the cascading pale moonlight. Nothing romantic like that. No, it was a full on from the inside out shine.


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