First Kiss Friday – Hustlin’ Texas by KC Klein

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is KC Klein, author of contemporary romance Hustlin’ Texas.  Welcome KC!  Here’s the first kiss between Jett Avery and Nikki Logan.

Hustlin' Texas (ebook) (2)

As soon as her lips touched his, he knew it was too late. No, he wouldn’t hurt her by breaking away. Instead, he made himself a promise that he’d keep the kiss sweet, tender, something for her to remember after she buried her mother. After she grieved.Something for her to look back on fondly. He’d keep it to just a touch of soft lips, a gentle kiss to the corners of her mouth, maybe a quick taste of the fullness of her bottom lip. Then he’d pull away, finish off with a kiss to her forehead, and take her back inside.

If Nikki saw his line in the sand, then she blew past it with the confidence of a woman who knew what she wanted. A few breaths later, a few heartbeats more, and she was there inside his mouth.

His first taste of Nikki was all contradictions. Salty from her tears, sweet from the tea she must’ve drunk. Naiveté from lack of experience, wanton from desperation. The kiss turned opened mouth, and her knees straddled his hips. He could taste her need. Feel it as it moistened her skin with sweat, burned his with desire. Hell, one taste of Nikki and he was thirteen years old again, and just figured out that his lower half had far more uses than pissing in the woods.

Her shorts were, well…short and loose and it took everything he had to keep his hands along her thighs and not go and find out what she was wearing underneath. But Jett knew himself. He wasn’t applying for sainthood like Cole. Jett loved pleasure, and women had always been a pleasure to him. No, Jett wasn’t in the habit of denying himself. And why not? When things came easy, it was a shame to say no.

And he wanted to give in. Especially when his vision went hazy after she un-tucked his shirt and ran the flat of her palms up his chest. But even then, he would’ve been fine, except with her mouth on his, she breathed one word—yes.

He didn’t know if she was aware she’d spoken, but he heard and that was enough. There was a white-hot moment that ended with him cradled between her legs, and his one hand under her knee, pulling her leg higher.

He tangled his fingers in her hair, and he could smell the flowers and fruity fragrance of her shampoo. Lord help him, but self-control was not his strong suit, and God knows it wasn’t Nikki’s either.

“Nik, love, we’ve got to stop.” Was that him speaking? Oh, thank God. His mother would’ve been so proud.

Nikki didn’t say anything, just moved her mouth to the underside of his jaw. And Christ, did her tongue just trace a trail from his neck to his ear? Where the hell had she learned that? No, he didn’t want to know.

“Please, love.” Maybe if he begged, she’d feel sorry for him.

This couldn’t go down between them like two teenagers rutting in a barn. He didn’t want her first time to be on the night her mother died, in a tack room with some guy who should’ve known better. He didn’t want to see any more regret in her eyes. With Nikki, things were different. She wasn’t just a girl he picked up on a Friday night and forgot about on Sunday. He wanted to start something, not end it before they had a chance.

And besides, Cole would kill him.

He grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. Her breathing was ragged, and he didn’t even want to contemplate how he was going to walk out of this barn. But he had to break through to her. “It’s okay, we have time. I’m not going anywhere.”

Her eyes softened, and for a moment she looked so heartbreakingly young. “Do you promise?”

“With all my heart, I promise.”

But Jett had been so stupid back then. The promise was made by the wrong person. It should’ve been Nikki he made say those words, because years later she’d packed up her things and left him without so much as a goodbye.


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