First Kiss Friday – The Lady and The Falconer by Laurel O’Donnell

Today’s First Kiss Friday is one of the wonderful novels included in the Castles, Knights and Chivalry boxed set available for preorder for only 99 cents.  Here’s the first kiss from my medieval romance, The Lady and The Falconer!



Romance novel cover for the medieval romance The Lady and the Falconer

“Who are you?” she asked softly.

“Logan,” he replied.

Solace’s heart pounded, her eyes captivated by the way his lips caressed the word.  “Logan,” she repeated dully through the haze of fog that had enveloped her.  Her gaze shifted to his silver eyes, eyes the color of glinted steel.  She could smell the thick scent of leather and something musky and…  masculine.  Even though their bodies weren’t touching, she could feel the strength emanating from him, the power.  She wanted him to touch her, wanted to feel his fingers on her skin, his lips on hers.  The thought frightened her, and she pulled away with such force that her head smacked the plate armor behind her.  Even with Logan’s hand on it, it swung backward.

Suddenly, she was swept into his arms, and he turned his back to the suit of mail as it lurched forward, clutching her in his embrace and hunching his shoulders to protect her.

The suit of armor toppled around them, crashing to the floor.  Solace hid behind Logan for a long moment after the noise had ceased.  Then, realizing what had happened, she lifted her head.  His arms were still around her, a fact that was strangely reassuring.  But it was in his eyes she found true comfort.  There was something tender and caring deep within his orbs, and for a moment Solace thought it was worry as his gaze swept her face, looking for something.  So intensely did they search that she believed he could see into her very soul, see the reason why she still clung to him, see the reason for the ease with which her body lay against his.

Embarrassed, she looked away.  The scattered pieces of plate mail on the floor caught her attention, and she lowered her eyes to the fallen shield.  Blue and gold reflected up at her in the sun’s bright light.  There was a crest upon the shield, but before she could look at it, Logan’s hand was at the nape of her neck, turning her head toward his.  His lips descended over hers, desperately, warming hers with his, igniting a fire so hot that it threatened to consume her.  She clung to him as if he were her only hope at salvation.  She tilted her head to his in an innocent mixture of curiosity and relinquishment.  His desperation turned into a slow seduction as he gently coaxed her mouth to open to him with gentle touches of his lips and tongue against her soft skin.

She tentatively parted her lips for him, and he urged them wider, entering her mouth with his tongue, exploring the soft recesses.  A groan escaped her lips, and she leaned fully against his strong, hard body.

Logan broke the kiss, pulling back slightly.  “You shouldn’t be here alone,” he repeated.

His body was pressed against hers, and his arms were still securely around her, binding her to him.  Solace stared at him through half-opened eyes.  She felt she was floating, caught in a foggy dream.

“It’s dangerous,” he whispered.


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