First Kiss Friday – In Loving Hate by Lynette Sofras

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Lynette Sofras, author of contemporary romance In Loving Hate.  Welcome Lynette!  Here’s the first kiss between Lyssa and Alex.

His car pulled up and she waited until he crossed the road before throwing herself into his arms, kissing his face and hugging him tightly.

“Lyssa!”  Just as she planned, her onslaught took him completely by surprise.

“Oh Alex…dearest Alex—you’ve been so good to us all.  I’m so very grateful to you.”  She needed to gasp for breath, but she wrapped her arms around his neck.  “Please don’t let Stavros do this.  I know you can stop him.  And I have no one to turn to but you.  I know I’ve behaved badly, but…”

He caught her tightly in a fierce embrace, gazing into her eyes for a moment.  A moan of urgent need escaped his lips before they sought and found hers and he kissed her hungrily and with an intensity that left her weak with shock, unable to pull away.  But as she recovered her senses, thoughts of pulling away seemed to slip out of her mind.  His tongue gently parted her lips and found hers, performing a little mating dance that caused a thrilling current to spread throughout her body, charging every nerve ending until each one seemed to tingle with anticipation and long for more.  What am I doing?  No answer.  For a moment she felt absolutely powerless to do anything but respond to the passion of the instant which he, not she, dominated. Time stopped and the world around her stood still, dissolving into nothingness as she succumbed to the intense pleasure surging through her body, which left her faint with desire for more.

When she finally did pull away, he continued to hold her closely, cupping her face in his hands and showering both it and her hair with greedy little kisses as if he couldn’t get enough of her to satisfy his voracious hunger.  His eyes were like bottomless pools of pure desire and she knew her own must mirror them.  She looked at him in astonishment, trying to regain her composure but with extreme difficulty.  What just happened?  The question hammered at her brain but received no answer.

Finally she found her breath, though her voice came out as little more than a weak whisper.  “Oh dear, this isn’t quite…” She took a deep breath and eased herself smoothly away from his embrace, her planned speech having fled her mind.  “I’m terribly sorry Alex, but I’ve just remembered something very important.  Do you mind if we cancel lunch?”


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