First Kiss Friday – Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Stacy Juba, author of contemporary romance Sink or Swim.  Welcome Stacy!  Here’s the first kiss between Cassidy Novak and Zach Gallagher.


After lunch, Zach followed Cassidy to her stepfather’s building and escorted her up to the third level. She stopped at the second door down. Glenn wouldn’t be home for another hour.

“Want to come in, cowboy?”

“Wish I could, but I’d better swing by the paper. Don’t make me a liar to your mama, okay? Don’t do anything crazy.” He brushed a strand of red hair out of her eyes. Furrows creased his forehead beneath his dark bangs.

His concern stirred a fountain of emotions inside her. Surprising herself, Cassidy leaned forward and kissed him firm on the lips. Zach pulled her close and melded into the intensity of the kiss. Her fingers explored the rough slope of his chin and the recesses behind his ears. His soft mouth parted hers.

Zach stepped back and held her wrists. “I’d better go,” he whispered. “I’m late for work.”

He retreated down the windowless hall. Breathless, Cassidy spun her keychain at her waist. Did he like her, or didn’t he? She must have been too forward. It was all Adam’s fault. She hadn’t wanted to enter the apartment alone and latched onto Zach in a lame attempt at companionship.

Zach halted halfway to the stairs, turned and tossed her his Stetson. Cassidy caught it with both hands, then perched it on her head.

“What’s this for?” she asked. “You don’t expect me to go barrel racing, do you?”

“So you’ll remember to call me if you need me. Be careful.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Incidentally, I enjoyed that kiss. Hope we can do it again some time.” Zach disappeared around the corner.

Cassidy smiled. Okay then. He must like her a little bit. She pivoted to the door, her smile slipping as she imagined the bleakness beyond.




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  • Hi Stacy –
    Thanks for sharing your first kiss. Zach sounds delicious! And thank you for being my guest.