First Kiss Friday – Forbidden Love by Terry Spear

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Terry Spear, author of paranormal romance Forbidden Love.  Welcome Terry!  Here’s the first kiss between Alena and Sutton.

Warming the huntress would take a hell of a lot of work. To have Elizabeth back was worth every bit of the effort though. Kissing her cheek, he hoped to work his way to her lips without getting a blade between his ribs.

“Sutton.” Her tone was meant to dissuade, but she didn’t push him away. Just one little shove, or any inkling she wanted to pull away from him would suffice to discourage him for the moment.

The League tempered her actions. If she didn’t have them watching her every move, she’d want him, too.

“You’re safe with me, lass. I’ve never invited the others in. I don’t have bashes, nor do I frequent them.” He trailed kisses tenderly down to the corner of her mouth, her heart beating wildly against his chest. Was she afraid of him, or fearful of her own desires for him?

Again, he was torn between returning for his beloved Elizabeth in the past or showing Alena how much he’d love her, if only she’d love him in return. The closer he got to her, the more unsure he was of his feelings and his plans.

“We shouldn’t,” she whispered against his mouth, the sweet brandy still flavoring her lips.

He swept his lips over hers, teasing hers, not pressuring, just begging for her participation. Her mouth parted slightly and followed his. This time she didn’t discourage him with words. To his surprise and with joy tugging at his heart, she pressed her lips against his, softly at first, her fingers touching his waist with a fairy-light touch.

Elizabeth’s name rose in his throat, but he dissolved the word before it slipped from his lips. “Alena,” he moaned, tears forming in his eyes.

She paused, her gaze catching his distress. As if she’d decided to ditch her cautious side, she deepened her kiss, like a volcano slowly building up steam. Her warm, wet tongue tasting like peach brandy licked against his mouth. He fought transporting her directly to his bed. She was a huntress in a time when the rules were not the same, he had to remind himself. Gradually, he had to gain her confidence.

Her fingers tightened on his waist, and he quirked a brow. Hmm, Alena. Deep within, she was Elizabeth all over again, only more cautious, more concerned about the consequences of her actions. If he could only snag her heart, show her how much they had meant to each other, catch her for good like the siren had caught him…

He shifted his hands down her back, all the way to the tip of her spine, and pressed gently. Desiring to show her how much she’d aroused him with her simple, loving gestures, he went farther than he feared proved safe. Containing the sexual craving and the bloodlust that threatened to control him…

He took a deep breath, attempting to stabilize his sanity. His canines itched to extend, not in the way they did when he was angered and desired to end the life of a fiend, but lustfully, to join with her in the ultimate sexual feast.

To his heartfelt relief, she didn’t pull away. She licked his lips and smiled when he raised his brows. “Alena.”

He hadn’t meant for her name to slip out as if he thought she was being too naughty, but when she grinned, he took her reaction to be his good fortune.

He conquered her mouth, possessively as if she’d already given herself to him. In his heart, he knew it to be so.

She kissed him back just as surely, her tongue tangling with his in an erotic dance, her lips giving as much of a passionate kiss as they received. When he and she were nearly out of breath, she rested her face against his chest, but shook her head.

“I’m sorry.” Her words seemed heartfelt and threatened to undo him.

“Don’t be, Alena. You wanted the kiss as much as I did. We did nothing wrong.”

She looked up at him, her eyes searching for the truth. “I don’t know what to think anymore, Sutton. I’m losing my faith in the…” She took a deep breath, but didn’t finish speaking.



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