First Kiss Friday – The Sword and the Pen by Elysa Hendricks

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Elysa Hendricks, author of fantasy romance The Sword and The Pen.  Welcome Elysa!  Here’s the first kiss between Seri and Brandon.

“You’ll enjoy this more.” He handed her a hotdog smothered with all the fixings.

She took the offering and sniffed it. The aroma of grilled meat, onions, mustard and ketchup must have pleased her, because she took a bite. A look of delight spread over her face. In seconds she had devoured the hotdog and reached for a hamburger.

Fascinated by her appetite, he almost forgot to eat. Most women he’d known– his mother, Wanda and Hillary– merely nibbled at their food. They always claimed to be on diets, yet never seemed to lose any weight. His grandmother had been the exception. Until her death, she’d eaten anything and everything and never gained an ounce. She’d claimed magic kept her thin.

Seri ate with gusto and didn’t seem interested in counting calories or carbohydrates. Whatever she did in life she kept her body trim and fit. The pile of food diminished. She glanced at him. Her hand paused as she reached for the now melting ice cream.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

The sudden suspicion in her tone reminded him to tread carefully. He grabbed a handful of fries.

She relaxed and picked up the dish of ice cream. “What is this?”

“Chocolate ice cream. You’ll like it.”

“Mmmm,” she groaned around a mouthful. “This is astonishing. I think I could easily live on this alone.”

“It’s full of fat and sugar, and loaded with calories.”

“I know fat and sugar. But what are calories? Are they dangerous?” She gave the now empty container a wary glance.

“Only to your waistline.”

Understanding spread over her face. She grinned. “Ah, I see. You fear I’ll grow obese and lazy.”

“No, I didn’t mean that… I only meant…well, I…” He stumbled.

She leaned forward and placed her fingers over his lips. “I but tease. Only the very rich and powerful can afford to grow stout and indolent. And those that do so, soon lose their wealth and their power to those who are hungry.”

Slick from the fries and cool from the ice cream, the feel of her fingers against his lips sent a jolt of awareness straight to his groin. Without thinking, he sucked one finger into his mouth. The taste of salt and Seri exploded on his tongue.

Her voice trailed away. He pushed aside the tray with the remains of their lunch and leaned across the concrete table. She pulled her hand from his mouth and replaced it with her lips.

She tasted of chocolate, cool chocolate ice cream. The smell of grilled hotdogs and onion rings filled his nostrils. But the hunger inside Brandon wasn’t for food. Eager for the taste of the woman he kissed, he ran his tongue over her lips. They parted on a sigh and he delved within.

Hot and tangy, her flavor sucked him in. Heat burned away rational thought as he lost himself in the kiss. Their tongues thrust and parried, the tempo increasing with every breath. Not satisfied with the limited contact of their mouths, he put his hand around the back of her head. Soft red curls twined around his fingers.

Honk! Honk!

“Hey man! Get a room!” a loud voice rang out. Laughter followed, as a car filled with teenagers pulled into the lot.

Brandon jerked away. His elbow cracked against the stone table. Pain ran up his arm. He welcomed the distraction. Seri looked dazed as she settled back on her bench.



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